Parade Registration

Join us in Olivia to celebrate the Corn Capital of the World July 22-28, 2019

Want to be in the big parade, sign up for the Grand Parade!

DATE:  Saturday, July 27, 2019

TIME:      3:00 P.M. (Line-Up starts at 2:00pm. Check-in for parade line-up at Cross of Calvary Church parking lot. 2019GrandParadeRoute)

Number of Parade Units (expected):                    110


  • Please be mindful of your spacing during the procession of parade to avoid large breaks between units.
  • Each unit is responsible for its own mode of transportation in the parade.
  • If your unit includes animals, you must provide your own waste disposal.
  • If your unit chooses to toss candy/items during the parade, you will be solely responsible for any injuries occurred.
  • Notifications will be sent the Week Of the parade. We will send notifications via email to those who registered via the online form unless mail or phone preference is specified.

1.) Please fill out this entry form COMPLETELY by July 15, 2019. (Entries received sooner will likely secure unit placement at the begging of the parade!) If you would prefer to fill out the PDF form and drop it in the mail, here is the PDF —>PARADEFORM2019

2.) Please write checks to the order of : Corn Capital Days, Inc. Mail check to Nancy Mathison. Fee for Commercial Units – $50.00 and Non-Profit/Political Units – $25.00. Please reference your organization name on the check.

Questions, Comments, Information, Fees, please direct to:
Nancy Mathison, Parade Chairperson
305 E. DePue Ave, Olivia, MN 56277, (320)444-3003

Please make checks pay to the order of: Corn Capital Days, Inc.

Thank you!