Corn Token Clues

Friday, July 29, 2016 Corn Capital Days Corn Token Clue

The diodes and poles and all similar stuff

assist in demarking the mowed from the rough

They illumine the way for seekers to find

The corn token medallion if you pay them some mind

Come visit our “lake” and partake in the fun

You will find for yourself a place you can run

And see by the lights both fountain and pier

This wonderful park that’s improved much this year


Thursday, July 28, 2016 Corn Capital Days Corn Token Clue

Think that you know just right where to peer

To find the corn token and be victor this year?

Walk a mile in their shoes is advice to live by

And if on that good path the token you’ll spy

It’s not in the open, that would be simple

The prize that you seek was put in a dimple

Hydrogen Hydroxide is abundant you’ll see

but stay out of its way is a clue that is key

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 Corn Capital Days Corn Token Clue

Though metallic and heavy and five inches long

A metal detector won’t sing of its song

So rely on your feet, your hands and your eyes

If you want to uncover the corn capital prize

Traversing by echoes of eras long past

A heritage giving to roots that will last

Before shovel and plow or even a spade

This flora was found to most chiefly pervade


Tuesday, July 26, 2016 Corn Capital Days Corn Token Clue

In its two score years and an additional nine

Corn Capital Days has always been fine

And part of the fun is to hunt and to seek

The golden Corn Token hidden last week

To the victor the spoils history doth say

And that reward is a C-note the committee will pay

Please hunt for the token in light, not in dark

and know it awaits in a municipal park.

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