2020 Corn Token Clues

Tuesday, July 21 – Clue #1

Many rumors were flying in whispers and sighs

That Corn Capital Days would surely see its demise

But rising to challenges unforeseen and unknown

Is an Olivia hallmark we most proudly will own.


Onward and upward will be our joint cry

What we can do, we will do – or at least we will try.

The corn token pursuit is just such an endeavor

Set your gaze to our parks if you want to be clever.


Wednesday, July 22 – Clue #2

The token you seek is a disc that is round

And its position is known to be close to the ground

As you wander our parks we ask your assistance

To be mindful of others and to keep social distance


Though Henton, it’s said, is rather much fun

For the sake of this hunt, it’s not where I’d run

The same goes for Dirks, where the token last hid

Stay south of the highway if you want to earn quid.


Thursday, July 23 – Clue #3

It is day number three of your corn token quest

And we’re to give guidance, then give it a rest

Washing of hands and good sanitation

Helps defeat this dumb virus that’s gripping the nation.


While true that not all that wander are lost

For corn token seekers there might still be a cost

The path that is true starts where it ends

And what duty requires, nature attends.

*******Token found Thursday AM*******

Winner goes to Micah Howell, age 11.  Micah and his family are missionaries from Paraguay.  He and his siblings were working as a team to find the token.  He plans to share the money with his siblings and have a little party at Dairy Queen to celebrate.  Congratulations Micah & Team!  Enjoy your $100.00 Corn Capital Cash & your 2020 Medallion to keep for the memories.

Here is the 4th Clue that would have been released on Friday.

Friday, July 24 – Clue #4

If you haven’t yet guessed it, I’ll try to be blunt:

It’s Pond Park where resides the end of your hunt.

The pond that is there was put in that space

To manage our rainwater in just such a place.


A gift was the dock that is now plainly seen

And the fish in the pond are especially keen

But when out on adventure and nature doth call,

Please note that the token is quite close to the stall.


The hiding spot of the 2020 token was near a portable located at Pond Park.

Thank you ALL for having fun and

hunting out the 2020 Corn Capital Days Medallion.

See you next year on the hunt!