Corn Token Clues

Stay tuned for the 2018 Corn Token Clues!

Corn Token Clues 2017

The token was found shortly after announced on Friday, by Drew Maher at Sunrise Park. Congratulations Drew!

Friday, July 28th – Clue #4

The time has arrived for one final clue
Your search should be focused on road one and road two
It’s a fact, as they say, after dark comes the dawn
So rise with the sun and skip over the lawn

To arrive at the end and secure your great prize
You must use your hands as well as your eyes
And when your fine hunt has arrived at full swing
You’ll be very close to bringing home bling.

Thursday, July 27th – Clue #3

Memorial and Rainbow, Dowling and Pond
Are some of the parks of which we are fond
Nester and Henton, Sunrise and West
Search them all thoroughly and don’t stop to rest

Kubesh and Softball, and don’t forget Dirks
Any park may be hiding this token with perks
One hint that is helpful might aid in your quest
Not once in this decade this park did it rest

Wednesday, July 26th – Clue #2

Get up and be ready to be first in the dash
for the goal of this effort is Corn Capital Cash
Eleven is the number of places you’ll roam
That’s the number of parks that call Olivia home

Ten thousand pennies await the end of this quest
That’s prime motivation to show you are best.
You are welcome to search alone for the win
But odds might be better if others chip in.

Tuesday, July 25th – Clue #1

Corn Capital Days has run for 50 great years
And for this big milestone a new token appears
Retired yet beloved is that old golden prize
Retired yet beloved is that old golden prize
The new one is black to everyone’s eyes.

Your goal is of granite, is flat, and is round
And as always you’ll find it on public park ground.
A fun little twist awaits the best of the seekers
This year and henceforth, the finders are keepers.