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Corn Capital Days Shirts Available to Order Online

The Olivia Chamber of Commerce and Cornelius say we can now order Corn Capital Days T-shirts ONLINE!

The 50th Anniversary of Corn Capital Days is just around the corner and you can pre-order corn capital days t-shirtyour 50th Anniversary Commemorative Corn Capital Days T-shirts online this year! Shirts are available in TRUE Olivia Colors—- Kelly Green and White!

Click this LINK to order online. 

* We are adding a “HOME SHIP” option sometime today, so you can have shirts directly shipped to you!

Cost – $15 per shirt- in any size!… plus shipping if you want it delivered to your home or no shipping fee if delivered to the Chamber office with a pick up date/delivery in late June. We only have a limited amount of the shirts this year… so get yours ASAP!

You can also pick up shirts at:

  1. Page Snyder Drug– A limited number of shirts will be available at Page Snyder Drug starting June 5th-25th, 2017. Cost is $15 per shirt.
  2. Chamber of Commerce– Shirts are also available at the Chamber on Mondays and Thursdays from 9am-1pm- or whenever the office is open. June 5-25th, 2017
  3. Corn Capital Crazy Days– downtown Olivia on July 28th from 9am-1pm at DOWLING PARK- just south of Dirk’s Furniture on Main Street!
  4. Nester Park– During the Vendor Sales and Corn Feed in the Park from 10am-4pm Saturday, July 29th. (closed during the parade)


Make sure you have a shirt, Order Now!